DIGISCHOOL: third project meeting in Durango

Shortly before Christmas, the partners in the DIGISCHOOL project met in Durango/Basque Country for the third project meeting. The last tasks for the completion of our first project results – a collection of best practices as well as a portfolio of tested and useful digital tools for use in the classroom – were coordinated. In two creative workshops we then worked on the next stage of the project: short videos that will illustrate and facilitate the use of selected tools in everyday life at the vocational school.

We also prepared the next workshop for vocational teachers from Spain, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic, which will also take place in the Basque Country at the end of January.

It was two intensive, busy days with a very committed team. Many thanks to our hosts from HETEL!

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growMET: final project meeting in Ljubljana

“Who turned the clock?”: our project is already on the home stretch, although we share the feeling that we have only just started. The final project meeting in pre-Christmas Ljubljana/Slovenia was, therefore, not only marked by pride in what we had achieved together but also by some melancholy.

After a difficult project start in March 2021 due to the COVID pandemic, the project partners from Slovenia, Italy, Romania, the Basque Country and Germany have set to work with great commitment to translating the theoretical approaches of growth mindset into educational practice.

Materials and tools for teachers, students and parents were created. In the remaining months, our experiences with digital learning and the results of two workshops will be summarised and incorporated into a model for digital teaching and learning.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This website reflects the views only of the project partners, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Ready4Crisis kick-off

Our new Erasmus+ project Ready4Crisis started with a 2-day kick-off meeting in Schwerin, Germany. 8 partners – project managers, educational institutions and crisis management institutions – from Germany, Czech Republic, Greece and Poland have joined together in a consortium to actively contribute to the innovation of vocational education in the field of crisis management and monitoring.

There is an urgent shortage of secondary level educational resources in the field of crisis management and crisis monitoring due to emerging crises, hazards and natural disasters resulting from current climate change and societal changes. Furthermore, there is a great need for further training of vocational schoolteachers and instructors in the study/learning subjects of fire safety, fire safety management, fire prevention and similar subjects for emergency personnel, such as paramedics or security forces, as well as exchange and transfer of knowledge from abroad on this subject. With the project, we also want to help create new links between vocational training institutions and training organizations at the international level, with a focus on training in fire and rescue services, and thus develop a new basis for mutual cooperation. In the first step, we focus on the development of innovative teaching materials – inspirational pedagogical guidelines for vocational teachers to provide additional, adequate sources for training in crisis management and monitoring.

growMET: workshop in Romania

From November 14th to 16th, the partners of the Erasmus+ project growMET (growth mindset in educational triangles) met for their second workshop in Tirgu Mureş/Romania. In a very creative and demanding way, the project results we developed so far together were put to the test: how can they support the development and implementation of challenging digital school projects?

The second part of our workshop dealt with our final project result: a growth mindset model for digital teaching. In two groups, we identified different resistances towards changes in the educational sector and developed a strategy to overcome them.
The project partners will present the final results of this demanding project early next year at conferences in Romania, Slovenia, Italy, Germany and the Basque Country/Spain.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This post reflects the views only of the project partners, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

News about our project EMPOWER

As part of our EMPOWER project, all partners are now in the process of testing the created portfolio of instruments for self-assessment and guided assessment of migrant women’s entrepreneurial competencies. In Germany today, we held the second of four planned events with 13 migrant women and conducted two more of the instruments. It was a pleasure to see how motivated and enthusiastic the women were to participate in the activities, and they have so much professional potential to tap into. Thank you for the great experience and the interesting conversations and shared insights! It showed once again how important and valuable our work in this project is.

The Tree of Life

in initiative of our employees in our project Familienwerkstatt Schwerin is now finished. It symbolizes the cycle of life, a balanced, constant give and take. A great action, thank you!

“Family Workshop Schwerin” is a joint project of RegioVision GmbH (project coordination) and Anker Sozialarbeit gGmbH. The project is funded for the period from 01.03.2020 – 31.12.2022 in the model program “Akti(F) – Active for Families and their Children” – within the framework of the European Social Fund financed by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

DIGISCHOOL: first workshop in Schwerin

Teachers from vocational education and training and project staff from the Czech Republic, Italy, the Basque Country and Germany met in Schwerin from 25-27 October for the first of three planned workshops.

Together, digital tools and platforms that have already been identified as particularly useful in the project were presented and, above all, tried out themselves. The spectrum ranged from “Scratch” for learning programming to “Kahoot” for creating quizzes and various evaluation tools.

Between the learning units, there was also time to compare the current situation of school education and vocational training in the participating countries and to take away tips from practice.

All participants praised the open and friendly atmosphere of the workshop. Many thanks also to the Landesvereinigung Gesundheitsförderung, which made it possible for us to hold the workshop on their premises.

Next year, two more workshops will take place in Durango/Spain and Prague.

2nd Project Meeting

From October 10 to 11, 2022, our second project meeting of the Erasmus+ project EMPOWER took place, this time in Rome. The meanwhile created draft of the assessment tool portfolio was discussed together again, the 15 competences of the EntreComp framework were highlighted and some of the tools were performed in a practical workshop by the project partners from the perspective of the target group. In the next step of the project work, the 11 tools of the portfolio will be put through their paces in a test phase with the target group.