eRural Resilience

Picture by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The project “eRural Resilience” aims to provide rural communities and economic development centers with holistic solutions to support the creation of e-businesses in rural areas.

The project is part of the EU funding program Interreg Baltic Sea Region, which focuses on the specific challenges in the Baltic Sea Region and has a project duration of 36 months, starting on 01.11.2023.

The challenges are mainly the lack of capacity of local actors to adequately support SMEs in the transition to organic products and the lack of specific knowledge for the assessment of organic business plans. The changes in e-market channels, product labeling, logistics, etc. require an improvement in the capacity of local actors.

To address these challenges, a TRANSNATIONAL NETWORK OF KNOWLEDGE has been established within the project, based on partners specialized in specific thematic knowledge, not only in their region but also at EU level. The network consists of a total of 14 project partners from 7 countries.

By bringing together transnational experts in organic farming, marketing, digitalization and logistics, communities can be offered a holistic service. In this way, rural businesses receive tailored support that would not be possible locally or regionally.

The focus of the work is on the one hand the creation of a tool to assess the competencies of business promoters in supporting rural companies and their transition into an e-bio company. In addition, a methodology will be developed to facilitate the start-up of e-bio-enterprises that can be used by trained local actors.

Enabling rural communities to promote e-bio-enterprises will contribute to the better utilization of renewable biological resources and their conversion into food, animal feed and bio-based products. This improves the resilience of rural communities and strengthens the economy by developing new products and opening up new markets.

contact person:

Matthias Körber
mobile: +49152 28544977