Integrational coaching for young people

The joint project „IC-MV – Integrationscoaching für junge Arbeitslose in MV“ was funded by the federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for the period from July 2015 to December 2020. The aim of this project was to help people with severe problems to get a job or a vocational education and to stay employed.

RegioVision GmbH Schwerin was coordinating this project. Our focus was on “integration instead of exclusion”. We were working closely together with the State Employment Agency.

Our partners

In this joint project we worked together with:

The project

The project has supported 340 young participants that were unemployed for a long time. It showed them job prospects and helped them with individual training. We relied on proven methods and our vast network.

When participants entered the project, they took part in entry coaching. Based on the results each participant received a personal integration plan, that was the guideline for the following training. This phase could take up to 12 month. During this period the participants were in a vocational training or a job.

After the successful integration we accompanied them for a further 6 month.

The participants

This project was designed for young people (age between 18 and 35) that have severe problems on the labour market. They were chosen by the local Employment Agency. Before the admission into the project, they were prepared through a special training. Immigrants were welcome.

The companies

The companies that accepted our participants were often already known to our integration coaches. We advised them regarding the special needs of the young people in the project.