VideoTeach – Project progress

The Erasmus+ project VideoTeach project aims to equip instructors and trainers with digital competencies for the production and use of instructional videos. The competence profile will describe the training needs. Among others, the most important and relevant competence areas and levels of the European Digital Competence Framework (DigComp), applied to video education for teaching in the green industry, will be included.

To ensure a realistic link between the project outcomes and the working world, the partners have analyzed their national skill needs based on their experiences and professional opinions. The analysis led to findings, e.g. which of the competence areas and competence levels are of particular importance for the development of the specific VideoTeach competence profile.

Erasmus+ Project “growMET”

On 2 and 3 June, the partners of the growMET project met in Urnieta (Basque Country/Spain) to discuss the progress of the project so far and to plan the tasks still to come. After 14 months, a lot has happened in this collaboration: we have developed a blended learning for teachers and an online toolkit for Growth Mindset and are close to finalising a series of newsletters for parents.

Together we have learnt a lot about Growth Mindset, the benefits within it, but also the specific requirements needed for a successful digital learning experience.

The project partners discussed the remaining tasks and the best ways to disseminate the results. Our aim is to help teachers across Europe to overcome the challenges of integrating digital teaching into their practice.

“AGEADAPT” – First project result completed

In our Erasmus+ project “AgeAdapt – Adaptation Tools for Ageing Workforce in SMEs” we work together with five other organizations from Poland, Slovenia, Spain and the Czech Republic to enable employees to stay in the work process as long as possible. RegioVision is project coordinator.

We have successfully completed our first project deliverable. In our State-of-the-art report we looked into the current situation of age management in SMEs in the individual partner countries and have collected valuable insights that form the basis for our further work.