What we do

hr management

In order to succeed in times of demographic challlenges companies need to tap into unused personal resources and engage in social projects. Our team is up to this task. We help people seeking employment to acquire the competences they need today. This training is individually designed and very effective.

At the same time we give companies very practical help for their human resources management. Our integration coaches bring both sides together and support equal opportunity and the fulfilment of manpower requirements.

project management

One of the main competences of RegioVision GmbH Schwerin is the design, coordination and realization of regional and European projects in the labor market, integration of disadvantaged groups, staff services and hr development.

We have broad experience in coordinating and administrating large projects with many participating organizations that are funded by the federal government like ADAPT, EAQUAL, XENOS and IsA. Our team organizes international conferences. We participate in projects of the ERASMUS+ programme of the EU.

how we work

In all our projects we employ integrated strategies. We feel committed to the concept of corporate social responsibility. Tight cooperations with companies, associations and strategic partners are the basis for successful and lasting integration in the job market.

Our integration coaches develop individual strategies for each client and accompany them on their way. Internships and task specific trainings are part of the integration process.

The hr management for corporations is characterized by counseling processes that bring results very fast and a strict orientation on cost-effectiveness.