growMET: Project meeting in Giulianova

On the 8th and 9th November 2021, the partners of the Erasmus+ project “growMET” met in Giulianova/Italy.

It was the first project meeting that could be attended in person. The kick-off meeting in March 2021 had to be held virtually because of the pandemic restrictions. All the participants in this meeting agreed that it is very important to meet and exchange. Erasmus+ is a program designed to bring people from different European countries together to work on some meaningful tasks.

Since we are working on three intellectual outputs nearly simultaneously, we used the chance to discuss the progress on the different areas and to agree on the next steps of work. Digital education will be an important part of education in the future, even if the pandemic will be over someday. The inherent benefits of this kind of learning were discussed in detail. Now it will be up to the partners and the next project activities to get this message to all points of the educational triangle: students, teachers and parents.

On the final day of the meeting, we also agreed on the dates for our next activities within the project.

Special thanks go to ilmiolavoro for the organisation of this meeting and the Liceo Scientifico “Marie Curie” in Giulianova for the hospitality and the extremely good coffee for the breaks!

BECOMING: Project meeting in Prague

On 4th and 5th November 2021, the partners from Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic met to exchange and agree on the state of the project and the next steps.

The preparatory tasks for the development of the first project outcome – a collection of vocational and career guidance services for low-skilled workers in SMEs – have been completed in the three participating countries and have produced interesting results. The very different labour markets in the countries also play a role. The presentation of the results led to intensive and lively discussions.

On the second day of the meeting, the participants agreed on the next concrete steps and an updated timetable. This includes the dates for the next project meetings and a workshop to test and disseminate the first project results in Prague next spring.

We thank the hosts from the INPRO Institute for their hospitality and the successful organisation of the meeting!