DIGISCHOOL: second training activity in San Sebastián

On January 24th, 25th and 26th, the second Learning, Teaching and Training Activity within the DIGISCHOOL project occurred in the Basque Country, Spain. The training was held in the facilities of UGLE in Zumarraga and Nazaret Eskola in San Sebastian. Throughout the three days of training, 12 attendees from Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and Spain were able to take a tour of how today’s teachers must adapt to the new formats of the classes and how they can make use of digital tools to, among other things, search and generate content for their subjects, deliver the classes and evaluate the students and assess their progress.

The training ended with a practical exercise in which the participants developed the material for their subjects using the tools they had learned during the training days so that they could put what they had learned into practice quickly on their return.

In addition, the programme also left room for cultural exchange among the participants, who were able to take part in a guided tour of the Santa María de la Antigua hermitage in Zumarraga, known as “the cathedral of the hermitage”, as well as to the cider museum in Astigarraga, with a subsequent tasting of local gastronomy.”