DIGIBLEND: project meeting in Riga

We met in the Latvian capital Riga for the third project meeting of our Erasmus+ project DIGIBLEND. After a good year of project running time, there were the first concrete results to discuss (and celebrate): we have developed a board game with infinity.net, with which we can determine the digital knowledge of older adults in a playful way.

At the same time, the game serves as a methodological example for a game-based assessment. Outside of the human resources sector, there are not so many applications of this yet, so we are proud to have entered new territory together. As we have already discovered, the game with its rules and elements can be used quite easily for other purposes, for example, in our language training.
The results and experiences of this first project year will now benefit us in the coming months: in the development of a game-based hybrid training of basic digital skills.
In two workshops, we have already gathered the first ideas for this and determined how we plan the next steps. Three different drafts are competing to become the basis for the final version.
Of course, there was also time again for professional exchange and for visiting this magnificent Hanseatic city. Many thanks to our hosts from ALTUM!