BECOMING: First staff training completed

This week we completed the first international staff training in our project “BECOMING“. Originally planned as a five-day full-time training, we had to compress it to five online sessions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After a necessary adaption phase – especially to the virtual group work – we were progressing quickly. Andrea Buonasperme (Roscioli Development/IT) was an excellent trainer. We learned to analyze important trends in the economy and society using the PESTEL method.

In a next step we deduced the most important skills and knowledge required in the jobs of the future. How will job profiles change in the next five to ten years? Which new job are emerging?

The tools and methods we learned in the training will now be used for the next step in the project: the development of career guidance and development services. All the partners will work together with small and medium enterprises (SME) in their region to identify the necessary changes for the ongoing transformations.